About Artmutts


You can say a little bird told you.

This is my little art corner in the world.

Born and raised in the Toronto area, I have always had a passion and interest for art. Although I’ve completed studies in an Arts Program, I consider myself to be a self-taught artist.

Searching out memorable places, subjects of nature, landscape and scenery provides me with inspiration to create a drawing or painting I can be enthusiastic about.  I enjoy the relaxation and solitude drawing and painting offers. I am always learning and striving to perfect my work, which usually consists of watercolors, oils or pen & ink washes. I also do commission work.

Artmutts.com was created to not only share my art, but to share the art of others in a global Directory.  It’s inspiring to see how art brings out an artist’s personality and creativity.  Whether an aspiring or established artist, if you would like to share your art corner in the world, simply CONTACT ME with a few details to join the Artists Directory – free, no cost, no committment. Likewise, please visit the Artists page to be introduced to some unique and fabulous artists.

- Lisa Cini