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Just say a little bird told you...


Ontario, Canada


to my little art corner in the world!

You’ll find me here enjoying what a paintbrush and blank slate can offer.  Colors, textures and most important, relaxation and focus to keep me busy for hours.  I am a self-taught artist and like each piece of art I create to have a special meaning.  Using watercolors, oils and acrylics, my art tends to be drawn in (no pun intended) by memorable places, photos or events.   Some of my travels – Malta, Iceland, Canada – have inspired some of my work below.
I have a circle of very talented art friends, each with their own unique story of their journey to becoming artists.  There is always more beneath the surface that finds it’s way to the end of the brush.
Thanks for your interest.


The beautiful shores of Flowerpot Island where Lake Huron meets the flat rock and crystal clear turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. Spectacular and endless Ontario scenery. This was from a recent trip in the summer of 2018 to Tobermory, one of the nicest spots in Ontario.

If there is anywhere that offers so much painting inspiration, it's the tiny island of Malta in the mediterranean. Having visited many times, I think I once spent an entire afternoon just taking pictures of the beautiful character doors on traditional stone Maltese homes.

One of my most memorable journeys in the land of fire and ice! Soaking in the fantastic hot springs at The Secret Lagoon in Iceland. Remote and secluded, these natural hot springs are one of the oldest on the Island.

more journeys and paintings await........